We are the music team behind the Bafta and Emmy-winning hit series, Hey Duggee (Studio AKA, BBC Worldwide, CBeebies).

Devised by the Oscar-nominated director Grant Orchard, Hey Duggee is a children’s animation show that is proving to be a smash hit around the world. We were commissioned to do all the music for this extraordinary project, and we’re honoured to be part of the amazing team that puts this show together. We’ve written all types of music across over fifty episodes – from reggae, to jazz, to kraut rock, to country, to orchestral scores – this is the ideal project for Tin Sounds. Long may it continue!

Here’s a picture of Duggee with his Bafta:


Listen to a selection of our work from the show below.

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  • Episode 25: The Balloon Badge
  • Episode 17: The Castle Badge
  • Episode 3: The Hair Badge
  • Episode 13: The Omelette Badge
  • Episode 23: The Raindance Badge
  • Episode 5: The Rescue Badge (Cat & Mouse)
  • Episode 5: The Rescue Badge (Tag's Return)
  • Episode 5: The Rescue Badge (Making Music)
  • Episode 8: The Treasure Hunt
    Client: Studio AKA/BBC Worldwide